Khan Sir Patna Real Name, Wife, Religion, Biography, UPSC, Family, Net Worth, Books

Khan sir Patna

Khan sir (born December 1993, Bhatpar Rani, Deoria, Uttar Pradesh), is an Indian teacher known for his unique teaching styles, good education quality with low coaching fees, most notably when he came on YouTube due to offline coaching being shut down in COVID-19 lockdown.  

Khan sir is a great teacher of India. This article covers his age, real name, weight, height, career, educational qualifications, Body status, marital status, wife, parents, siblings, net worth, book, App, YouTube channel (he owns the biggest educational YouTube channel), education, achievement, awards, honor, professions, news, controversies, videos, online course fees(only 200-300), offline fees, fee structure, and more. Is Khan sir not officially announced his real name? He studies students for competitive exams of SSC, Railway, UPSC, etc. He belongs to Patna, Bihar. Many songs became viral on Khan sir. He is popular in India and also popular in many other countries like Pakistan (whereas some Pakistan citizens do not like him), the USA, Russia, Britain, and many small countries. Why Pakistan's citizens do not like him? (See in later paragraphs). First, we see Khan sir's mini-biography with a chart. 

Khan Sir Real Name, Wife, Religion, Biography, UPSC, Family, Net Worth, Books

Khan Sir Real Name

Khan Sir is generally known as Khan sir Patna because his permanent address is Patna. Khan Sir's Real Name is Faizal Khan(as per Aaj Tak's interview). But, Khan sir said that my real name is M Khan (M not defined). Here are two videos Aaj Tak's interview video and khan sir's video see the video and Know khan sir's real name 👇👇 

Khan sir Education feedback 

Khan sir is an Indian teacher. His teaching mainly focuses on poor students who don't afford high tuition or school fee. His teaching style is unique and teaches students in local or regional languages so that students relate to Khan sir as a good educator. This unique style of teaching led to understanding the tough subject easily. These styles of teaching also like by students and many other students want to study from Khan sir. Khan sir also became famous worldwide because of his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel name is Khan GS Research center this is the world's biggest or no. 1 educational YouTube channel. 

Khan Sir Biography

Khan Sir was born in a middle-class family in Dec 1990, in Bhatpar Rani, Deoria, Uttar Pradesh. He received an early educational qualification from Parmar mission School located in Bhatpar Rani, Deoria, Uttar Pradesh. From the start, khan sir was an average student but in class 9th he realized that his family depends upon him. From here, he started learning as a conscious student. 

When Khan Sir was in class VIII, patriotism would instill in him and he thought of joining the army so that he could do some service for the country in the Indian Army. For this, he thought of joining Sainik School after class VIII, but he failed the entrance exam there. After this Khan sir completed his 10th board and intermediate exams. He had joined the NCC fee, due to which he knows well about guns, bombs, and tanks. Khan Sir gave NDA exam so that he could join NDA he passed the NDA entrance exam but due to his folded hands, he could not join NDA or Army. He wanted to join the army, but due to his bent hand, he could not get selected for the NDA and his dream of joining the army was lost somewhere. For further studies, Khan sir shifted to Allahabad i.e. present-day Prayagraj from where his B.Sc. Received the degree of (bachelor of science) from Allahabad University. Here khan sir's friends Sonu, Pawan, and Hemant helped him with money so that khan sir complete his full graduation.

Khan Sir Table Biography


DECEMBER, 1990, (age 32)Bhatpar Rani, Deoria UP (india)

Awards and Honors 

National Youth Icon, Dinkar Award 

Notable Works

Khan GS research center (YouTube channel), Khan sir official (App), Khan GS research center (offline coaching center)



Years active 

2019- present



High School

Parmar Mission School, Bhatpar Rani, Deoria, U.P.

College Name

Allahabad University, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh

Educational Qualifications 

  • Graduate with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

  • Post Graduate in Master of Science (M.Sc)






Brother (unknown) 

Rumors Name

Faizal Khan, Amit Singh 


Teaching, Book Reading

Famous for 

Teaching in Unique Styles

When did Khan sir start teaching?

Due to lack of money, Khan Sir started teaching in the coaching of others, at that time Khan Sir did not even have a proper beard, seeing the children, they used to wonder what Khan Sir would teach, but when he used to teach, the child liked it and continued like this. . Khan Sir used to teach very well in coaching, the children were very happy with him, due to which all the children wanted to study all the subjects from him, because of this the owner of the coaching was angry with Khan Sir and expelled Khan Sir. Then Khan sir joined another coaching, the same thing here also Khan sir was very much liked by the children, because of which the owner of the coaching did not like Khan sir. Similarly, some coaching fired Khan Sir, but this time Khan Sir was not given the fee for teaching and at that time Khan Sir had only ₹ 40 in his pocket. Khan Sir could not even go to his village for 40 rupees and Khan Sir thought of teaching again.

Khan Sir started teaching in a room with 6 children by finding a solution of a few rupees. Those 6 children liked Khan Sir's studies very much and their parents were also very happy with Sir's studies. After this, children started coming to Khan Sir's coaching very quickly. When did 6 kids turn into 100? When Khan Sir got some money, then Khan Sir thought to open his own, big coaching, Khan Sir opened his own coaching in a big building by the name of KHAN GS RESEARCH CENTRE. By this time thousands of children were studying offline in Patna from Khan sir.

How did khan sir start teaching on Youtube?

Everything was going well but then due to Corona there was a lock down in India due to which Khan Sir's coaching stopped and the children wanted our syllabus to be completed as soon as possible then Khan Sir decided to teach on YouTube. Will start. When Khan Sir started teaching on his YouTube, within a year, Khan had become a scriber around 10 million per year, and Khan Sir was known to all over India, before that he used to teach in Patna. Most of the children lived in Patna only. Now Khan sir has more than 19 million followers on youtube channel and world's number one educational youtube channel.

How did khan sir start App?

Now after coming on YouTube, fans of Khan Sir and watching his videos and his students were very much, Khan Sir felt that now we have to open an app, only then we would have launched an app named KHAN SIR OFFICIAL on Play Store. And now there are too many children on Khan sir's app, due to which sometimes your server suddenly gets down.

Which subject is taught by Khan sir?

Khan sir teaches all subjects in an easy and a simple way but mainly Khan sir teaches geography and international relations.

What does Khan Sir teach?

Khan sir has a proper team for offline and online for all subjects, Khan sir prepares for competitive exams like BPSC, SSC, RAILWAY, NDA, CDS, BANKING, etc.

Who are the faculties of Khan sir UPSC batch?

Khan sir has proper faculties for all subjects. Only one teacher teaches only one subject. Some faculties are as: Polity teacher- Rajesh Mishra Sir, History- Manikant Sir and Khan sir- Geography and international relations (not confirmation).

What is the fee of khan sir UPSC batch?

Khan sir recently launched UPSC batch online which fee is 7,500 offer price, may be when offer ends it go high.

Khan sir Books

Khan sir also wrote some books on international relations, General Science, political science, Atlas, and many other books as a student notes published for all india. But, 'khan sir Atlas' book is also published for Europe, it is a global Atlas book.

Who is the Wife of Khan Sir?

Currently, khan sir is unmarried.

Khan Sir personal Life

Khan Sir Real Name, Wife, Religion, Biography, UPSC, Family, Net Worth, Books
Khan Sir Real Name, Wife, Religion, Biography, UPSC, Family, Net Worth, Books

Khan sir personal Bio

Real Name 

Faizal Khan (By Aaj Tak interview)


Dec 1990





Language known/ speak 

Hindi, bhojpuri and English 



Father name 

Basir Khan ( From interview video)

Grandfather name 

Iqbal Ahmed Khan

High school 

Parmar Mission School, Bhatpar Rani, Deoria, U.P.

College Name 

Allahabad University, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh


Teaching, Reading Books 

Famous for

Unique teaching styles 

Is khan sir a hindu?

No, khan sir is not Hindu. Religion of Khan sir is Islam. But, he never said that he is Muslim or Hindu.

Khan Sir family members and their Relationships

Khan sir was born in a middle class family. His father's name is basir Khan(Aaj Tak interview video) and mother's name is unknown. His grandfather's name is Iqbal Ahmed Khan, he was a primary school government teacher. Also he has an elder brother who is a commando in the Indian army. Khan sir is currently unmarried. He has no sister.

Father's name

Basir khan

Grandfather name

Iqbal Ahmed Khan 


Brother (name unknown)



Marital status


Khan Sir Net Worth, salary and monthly income

Khan sir net worth is very difficult to calculate because he never talks about monthly income or any salary and he teaches students at a very low fee (200-300 per course) so that it is very difficult to get very nearly accurate information. But, we have mentioned some approx data income may be high or low actually.

Khan sir also earns from YouTube channel Khan GS research center. Currently,  more than 19 million subscribers on youtube channel. According to Social blade report khan income from youtube

Monthly income

$6.3K  -  $100.9K

Yearly income

$75.7K  -  $1.2M

Khan sir overall income 

Khan sir income overall including coaching income, youtube income, App income and many published books. This amount will be left for khan sir personally. But, khan sir also donates to many charities or for Social works, education, or for many social works from personal expenses.

Monthly income overall 

22 lakhs - 27 lakhs

Monthly income from youtube 

15 lakhs - 20 lakhs 

Monthly income from app

3 lakhs - 5 lakhs

Monthly income from books and other

2 lakhs - 3 lakhs

Yearly income from youtube 

2 crore - 2.3 crore 

Yearly income from app

40 lakhs - 60 lakhs 

Yearly income from books and others 

25 lakhs - 35 lakhs

Yearly overall income 

2.7 crore - 3.25 crore 

Income conclusion: Khan sir can easily earn more than these amounts but he never thinks about earning. He always thinks about education for students and quality. He is planning to make a University in bihar. His large amount of income will go into making University. And also, khan sir donates to many charities from personal income. On an average khan sir's good amount of income goes in Social works. So, Khan sir can easily earn more money but he does not want money, he wants quality. 

Khan Sir Social Media handles and contact details 

Khan sir does not have any Instagram and Facebook accounts. He only uses Twitter personally. Youtube, Facebook page, app(khan sir official), and also website( for his education infrastructure 'khan GS research center' and 'khan global studies'. 


@khangsresearchcentre (284k+ followers)


Khan GS Research Centre 


@khansirpatna more than 560.2 k followers 




Office address 

Kisan Cold Storage

Sai Mandir, Musallah pur

Patna 800006





Khan sir physical stats

Height (approx)

165 cm (1.65 cm) (5 feet 6 inches)

Weight (approx)

65 kg

Eye color 


Hair color 


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